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Drop #8: All The Trails

Of all the trails. 

What’s your favorite?

Mountains. Desert. Jungle. Grasslands. Road. City. Beach. 

I’ve been lucky. I have run in many places. 

New Zealand, through the stunning mountains, when I was meant to be skiing. 

Australia. In the outback. I was faster than a slow kangaroo. 

Japan. 42.2. In Tokyo. 3h02min. Sad face. That was the chance. 

Taiwan. Big city that Taipei. Got lost. Ended up back where I started. 

Hong Kong. Oh, the hills. The greatest running city in the world. 

Indonesia. On a hash. Got lost. 12 hours in the dark stumbling around in the jungle. Got found by locals. Who laughed. 

Thailand. On the beach. Sand is slow. And hot. But with coconuts you can run forever. 

Myanmar. Through the driest river bed. 44C. The slow boat from Mandalay. I ran faster than it. 

Dubai. Crazy thing. It was cold. In the Middle East. Yes. It can be winter there too. 

Kuwait. By the bay.  Guess what I saw. You get a special prize if you can guess. Pickleball courts and cats. Tons of them. In Kuwait. Who would have known. 

South Africa. When a country can be so beautiful and so challenging. Going for a run I said. Watch out they said. It was amazing. 

Germany. The banks of the river in Frankfurt. Winter. Cold. Amazing. Ducks. They must be cold. 

Scotland. My home. The hills. I am biassed. But it’s true. Most beautiful country to run in. I’ll run the length of it one day. 

USA. Central Park. Virginia blue ridge mountains on the country road. San Fran. Bay to Breakers. With naked people. No place like America. 

Mexico. Wild run. In Cancun. I was at a business conference. It was spring break. I ran at 7am. Through drunk students not going home. 

Canada. I ran to the border of America. And back. 20k. So far. 

And my home. Singapore. One of the smallest countries on earth. And I ran 213k in one go here. Longest run in the smallest place. 

I know my favorite. It was every time I put on my shoes. 

Every trail or road is amazing. You can have a favorite. 

But remember. Every run is a true privilege. It’s amazing every time. 

My favourite time of day and favorite trial. 

You know it. 

It’s all of it. 

See you out there. 


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