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Drop #7: Normal


Is it? What do we do?

Killian makes it look New Normal. 

But running has always been normal. Right? 10 million years ago. We ran. To the supermarket. That’s what a mammoth was called then. A running hairy horned supermarket. 

We ran it out of energy. We have more. Humans can outrun anything. No animal has our endurance. We are kings and queens of running forever.

So it is normal to run until we catch things. But we don’t need to do that any more. 

Kmart. Tesco. Costco. They don’t run away when we approach. They give up so easily and offer us donuts. We say. ‘Yay. A sugary treat without running. I’ll have a dozen please.’

We drive home. Sit in our AC or heated cave. In front of our views. Flickering from our digital fires. NetFire. That’s what it’s called right?  We can stare all night. The flames never go out.  And we don’t even have to collect the fuel to keep it glowing. 

So we don’t run. Instead it becomes normal not to run. We are so comfortable that our greatest utility, our endless endurance, is now effictively useless.

So we evolve. To be slow. And stationary. And that has become normal.

But not us. Not us ultra runners. We have that old human inside. Refusing the donuts. (Well. Actually. Me and Dunkin are pals. But don’t tell anybody). You can’t outrun a donut but you can be a running human. And feel what it is to be human. Before being a modern human became normal.

Killian’s New Normal isn’t new. It’s amazing. It’s old. It’s us as we were. Before. Endless running beings. 

Normal. A marathon? Nah. Too short. A 100k. Mh. A 100 miles. Now we are talking. 200 miles. The new 100 miles. And longer. Yes longer. Because that’s how awesome we are. The greatest running animals ever invented. You can run further than you or I believe. And I believe you can run forever.

The more of us who run the more it becomes Normal. New Normal. Back to our roots. And while I love the trappings of this modern life. I have never felt more normal than when my legs are wrecked, my undercarriage chafed, my calories gone and my soul overflowing. 

Stand up. Lace up. Be human. 

The greatest running machines ever. 

Just doing what we are designed to do.

Just being normal.

See you out there.


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