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Drop #6: All the things I have eaten in an ultra

I was chatting with a friend.

He was asking how many Snickers he could eat in an hour. While running.

Made me think of the old phrase.

‘An ultra is an eating competition, with running as a side event.’

If you are not good at eating. You can’t run far. Or at least not really far.

So you have to eat. But what have you eaten?

Me. Lots. 

Let’s start with the obvious. 

Gels. Not sure they are food. But they can be. 

Bananas. Like a solid gel in a yellow packet.

Watermelon. Not a whole one. Well, maybe I did.

Cup Noodles. Late at night. At a garage. Spilled half of it on the floor. Tasted just as good off the floor.

Mashed potatoes. Always yum. In my tum.

Big Mac. At km 186 of 213 km run. None of it stayed in. I should have asked for a refund.

Chicken rice. A Singapore special dish. It’s chicken. And rice. Sitting in a food court. Soaked in sweat. 30 hours into the run. Dripping into my food. People moved away. I don’t blame them. 

Ice cream. Lots of it. I live on the equator. It’s hot. Ice cream is like fuel. With ice in it. It cools the engines.

Beef jerky. At hour 30. I chewed it till hour 31.

Pasta. Doesn’t work for me. It always ends back on the road.

I could go on. I’ve tried to put everything in. It’s a magic part of our sport. You get to practise eating. What other sport has that!! Get fit by eating.

The more you eat the further you go, the fitter you get.

Eat to get fit!

Greatest sport in the world!

Get out there and eat.


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