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Drop #5: Let’s Go Uncle

I don’t think it gets any better than this. 

2am. In the far flung corner of Singapore. 

I am at 65k of a 100k overnight run. 

A group of young dudes. Riding their bikes crazily across the road. Going the opposite direction from me. 

They see me. Start cheering. No one else is out running here in the middle of night. 

They are having a blast. Blasting music. Riding free. 

And then one guy yells at me. With his fist in the air. 

“Let’s go uncle”

Uncle means old man in Singapore. 

And that’s what I am. Just an old man. Running. In Singapore. 

Let’s go. Old man.

But this was a different run. 

I was running a 100k to the start of a 5k race. 

Why? You know what Edmund said…

I had given myself 14 hours. Left at 5.30pm Friday. Had to be back for the start of the race at 7.30am Saturday morning. 

At 50k I knew it would be tight.

8mins 24 secs per k is 14 hours for 100k.

When you stop, the clock doesn’t, and the average creeps up.

I had to go into 7-11 to buy drinks. 

Had to be in and out in 2 or 3 minutes. 

Choose a drink. Queue. Pay. Leave the shop. Open drinks. Drink some. Pour others into flasks. Close lids. Throw rubbish. It takes time.

At 2am my watch said 8 mins per k average. At 3am. 8.10min per k. Tik tok. Don’t stop.

At 6am it said 8.21min per k. 90 minutes to go. No music. Just focus. At 7am it says 8.22min per k. 

I arrive at 7.25am. 100k done. 5 minutes to go before the 5k race starts. I was struggling to hold 8 minutes per k at the end.

I only have 5 minutes then I have to race 5k with all my heart.

Ugh. It’s going to take 40 minutes. I suck.

Gun goes. My friend Markus runs at 5 minutes 40 seconds per k for the first k. I stick with him.

Wait. What? I can run that fast now?

K 2. Same. K 3.  Who is superman?! K4. Here I come. K5 I chased down a young man. He’s running close to 5 minutes per k.

I finished in 28 min 32 seconds. 

5.40per k. How? After a 100k? I don’t know. But I guess the body and mind are beautiful crazy weird things.

I don’t know how. But I do know one thing. 

Let’s Go Uncle.

See you out there.


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