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Drop #4: Enough

How do you know when it’s enough?

When you are tired? When you are really tired? When you can’t go on? When your friends tell you to stop? When will you pass out?

That’s the thing. It’s about not knowing. If it was an exact place. You wouldn’t go near it. Because it really hurts. The best part is we don’t know where it is. If we ever get to it, we have simply pushed it further out of reach for next time. Endless game.

I love nothing more than watching the greats push that limit. We can see them make that decision in real time.

Johnny Brownlee. Leading into the final 500m of the Triathlon World Champs. You can see his eyes roll back. His legs wobble like a newborn baby giraffe. He bangs into the barrier. It’s a slow motion car crash. Big bro Ali comes round the corner. Racing. He stops. Puts his shoulder under Johnny’s arm. Lifts. Pushes. Propels. Towards the line. And when they get there. Ali pushes him over the line ahead of him. Johnny collapses. Almost unconscious to the ground. You can see it on YouTube.

Dylan Boom. DBow. Unravelling at the aid station at Hardrock. He was done. Beyond done. The look in his eye. He had gone way past his limit. The aid station volunteer says, “No. You are not stopping on my patch. Stand the f*up and get out of here. You have to listen to DBow tell the story. It’s gold. You can listen on his pod.

Sam Harvey. ‘What are we Sam? We are big boys. Long time coming’. There’s a long run and there’s 101 yards at the Backyard. 677k. Only to take your mate to the win. Sam took out the shovel. Dug a hole so deep I don’t think he could see into it. But he went. And he went and he went. He’s got a well of reserve that’s deeper than deep. And you can watch it. It’s literally a movie. 

And of course. The OG. Julie Moss. The young lady who really made Ironman when she collapsed in the finishing chute at Ironman Hawaii, only to be passed for the win. She was so out of it she didn’t even know she had been passed. It was on TV. Before the internet. It blew up the TV. As they say.

DBow. Brownlee. Harvey. Julie Moss.

You can watch and listen. Real life art. 

It’s not about going that deep every time. But when people do it is amazing to watch. Because it is undefined. Unstructured. Scary. Energising.

If they can do that. What can we do?

We can do anything right?

Just lace up, run until your limit approaches, and then keep going until you have to stop. Then don’t. 

See you out there


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