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Drop #3: The Rain.

Really? It’s wet? Wait? What?

Let’s stay in bed. Way more fun right?

Can you imagine?

5am. Alarm. Let’s go. Ha. No way.

It’s raining hard. No one else is out. F that.

Turn over.  Warm. Easy. Snuggly. Yay. 

Let’s do that everyday. You will be pleased with that. 

That’s what almost everyone does. So you are normal. 

But. Maybe;

Turn off the alarm quickly. Don’t wake your partner.

Tip toe downstairs. 

Raining harder. 

Gear on.


Scroll phone. 

Vaseline up for the long effort.

Headphones in. Shoes on. Watch clicked.

Door open. LFG.

Dark. Shivery. 

So beautiful.

No one there. They are normal. They are in bed. 

But you know. YOLO right.

Start to get into your groove. A couple of miles in. The eyes.

You see an animal in the bush. It’s like. ‘Really? A dumbass human. In the dark rain. Don’t see many of those’. It nods in respect. You nod back. We are all the same. They run off. You run on. 

An hour goes by, you have seen just one other person. They nod like the animal. Who cares about all the shit in life. We are out here in the rain doing what we do best. Running. Like a wild human. 

You smash a big puddle. It splashes back. Huge smile. Kid like. That’s right. 

This is it. You speed up. Tunes thumping. You are flying. Huge smile. 

The trail dips down. Arms out. You slip. Fall. Or not. Who cares?

Soaking. Muddy. Free. Exhilarated. 

And it was all there just for you because you got out of bed in the rain.

That’s what life tastes like.

Or was it just a dream? 

Stretch. Wake up.

It was sunny. 

You just dreamt it.

Get out there. 

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