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Drop #22: Pain


What is it

Is it actually there

Are you just thinking it

What if if you didn’t think

Would it go away

90 miles in

10 miles to go

What’s you thinking

About the pain

But let’s think

What gets you to the end

Thinking about pain

Or thinking about running

You know

But it’s hard to do

So how do we run and no think about the pain

Here is how

We accept

It’s not that that’s it not there

It is there

But accept it

Let it be there

Settle into it

Then focus on the task

Because it’s not how much pain you can handle

Its how much you can do

While in pain

Just stop

Think about that

I’ll say it again

It’s not how pain you can handle

Its how much you can do while in pain

Re frame

Change the mind

When pain comes

Accept it

Let it be part of you

Move above it

Then carry on

10 miles

You have to run

So let’s focus on that

So much more positive to have that mindset

Never feel the pain or focus not he pain

Or waste emotional energy on the pain

The task

Only the task


Is that the finish line?


And the pain after the finish line



It was only in my head all along

It’s just a feeling.

So don’t feel it

Get out there.

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