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Drop #20: 10 people

10 people.

Only 10 people have walked round the world.

Crazy right.

To walk around the world.

One guy, Tom Turcich, did it in 7 years with his dog. Savannah.

He planned it for 8 years. 

He started without a dog. 

The only dog who has walked round the world. 


Would you?

Could you?

What does it mean?

To walk around the world.

The time. 

The distance.

The brevity of life.

Because you can’t do it next time.

Because. Well you know why. 

Run down the street. 

Run a 5k. 

Run 10k






F it. Let’s walk around the world. 

You get it. 


It doesn’t matter. 

It’s not the distance. 

It’s the thought. 

To do it. 

Against logic. 

To be wildly human. 

To strike out. 

Do what you haven’t done. 

Run where you haven’t been. 

Don’t take a map. 

Or a plan. 

Or do. 

Who cares?

Just go. 

And don’t stay safe. 

That’s the wrong path. 

Without thinking. 

Just go. 

You might find a dog. 

You might go round the world. 

Or you might get to the end of the street. 

And be blown away. 

By how amazing it is there. 

See you out there. 


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