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Drop #2: It’s you.

Or the soul of our sport. 

Lazarus Lake. Is he a race director? 

He thought of Backyard when he was at college,  40 years ago. It was always in his heart and mind. 

John Collins. You know who he is?

He got drunk with some friends. In Honolulu. One of them a swimmer. One a cyclist. One a runner. They were arguing over who is the fittest. So they said let’s do all three in a day and the winner let’s call them an Ironman. The Oahu open water swim. The round the island cycle. And the Honolulu marathon. 

12 people started that day. 12. That’s it. Winner got a metal nut on a coat hanger that looked like an ironman. That started a movement. 

The Polettis. Can you run round Mont Blanc In a day? Would other people want to do it. Would anyone want to do it. First a few said yes. Then more. Now too many? Maybe. Maybe not. What if everyone in the world was an ultra runner. I think the world would be better. 

Andre Blumberg. Hong Kong Four trails. Big city. Bigger trails. All four. In four days. Not possible. Now it’s done in under 2 days. 

It’s you. You don’t need to create a race for all. It’s great if you do. But create your own adventure. In your own mind. Plot a route for the weekend that’s different. Hard. Wild. Short. Long. Who cares. But make it an adventure. 

Because that’s what it is about. Your own journey to a place that fulfils you. 

But don’t make it easy. Like Backyard. Ironman. UTMB. Four trails. Make it seem outside the realm. 

And fail a few times. 

Because you never learn anything from the easy path. 

Get out there.

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