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Drop #17: All of it

All of it.

Pretty much.

That’s what it took.

100 miles to a 5k.

In 24 hours

Just me. 

And the clock.

Tick tock

It doesn’t stop

Even when I do.

100 miles is 160.93 k.

In 24 hours.

That’s 8 mins 59 seconds per k average.

Seems slow.

But the time ticks when I run and when I stop to buy a juice at 7-11.

I set off at 7 mins ish per k.

No issue.


Look at me. This is easy. I’ll smash it.

6 hours in. 7.40 average. Hah. Too easy.

It’s 39 C. Cool. I like the heat.

At 60k it rains. Lovely.

At 70k my head rolls into a funk. Too much sugar.

Watch says: 8 mins per k average.

I grab a 10 minute stop for real food.

Rice. Chicken. Potatoes. 

Ordered. Paid. Eaten. Out in ten minutes.

I practised that.

Halfway. 82k done. 

Hmm. This is going south. Even though I am still running North.

I’m losing power. The watch laughs at me. It thinks it has won.

Seconds bleeding off the average. 

F-ck this. Let’s go. I tell myself.

I charge forward. Slowly. 

No music. No light. It’s night. No nothing. Just me and the road. Pull my hat down. Close my brain off. Come on. Don’t let this go. Stick at it young man. 

90k. I swing into 7-11.

And for no reason, buy milk and donuts. They go in. Almost come out.

And that is it. From then on. I can barely eat. Retching. Just sips of coke. 

Don’t think. 100% focus.

What did Jasmin say? ‘If you can’t run. Run faster’ I’m trying.

The watch winks. 8.30’s now. Dropping every k. 

110k. 8.40 per k.

120k 8.45 per k.

130k 8.50 per k.

140k. It says 8.58 per k. 

Ok. Here is the game. Right here, right now. F the watch. I’m turning the tide. 

Roberto picks me up. 

I stick at his pace. I can’t speak as I have no ability to run and speak.


8.57. hah

8.56. oh yeah.

8.55. who likes dem apples.

23 hours. 53 minutes. 

7 minutes to spare. 

Now 5k.

Lighting and thunder.

They cancel ParkRun.

Roberto says to all;

‘No Parkrun but anyone who wants to race a 5k. Follow me’

And I did.

Followed him to 29 mins 53 seconds.

7 seconds to spare.

I like that. 7-7, and powered by 7-11.

That’s why I do it.

For the random nonsense of this self made adventure.

Life is wild.

Go run.

See you out there.


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