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Drop #16: Not Old. Ever.

Not old. Ever.

It’s a state of mind.

You choose.

Not the clock.

Not the calender.

Not how old you actually are.


In your mind.


Me. I get younger every year

That’s what I tell myself.

My dreams and goals get bigger, not smaller.

We have been conditioned by society to slow down and sit down.

You can do that.

But why?

Not me.

I was 57 the other day.

So I ran 57k.

Next year I am 58.

I will run 58k.

I will do that every birthday until I am 100.

Can I?

You can. You could. You should.

You just have to change your mindset.

Remember when you were a kid. And you saw old people. 

Shuffling along as you tore around the playground.

Running. Leaping. Screaming. Swinging.

And you wondered. Why did they get old? Not happening to me.

That choice is still there for you.

Running is your playground.

Everyday you run and play in it you get younger.

Did you see Jeannie Rice? She is 75. She ran a marathon in 3:30.

She beat all the 75 year old men.

She beamed with smiles as she crossed the line.

She most certainly didn’t do that with her body.

That was a mindset that refuses to be told what age is.

So. Here’s my advice.

If you are young. Take a snapshot of your young mindset.

Hang on to it.

If you are old. Go for a run. Then another one.

Then a crazy one.

Then set a goal.

Like running your age in k’s every birthday.

Or, whatever.

But a goal that’s not conformed by society.

Don’t settle for getting old.

We are the wild ones.

The young ones.


Running wild.

Or you could sit in your set and let time do its thing.

Up to you.

I’m running 100 miles to the start of a 5k race this weekend.


Because it keeps me young.

See you out there


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