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Drop #15: Training


It’s the best. Because it’s just running. 

That’s why we do it. To just run. 

The racing is icing. 

It’s very tasty icing. 

I like icing. 

But if you had to choose. You choose running. Not training or racing. Just running. 

So why is it so fun? 

Because it’s us. Because it’s what we are meant to do. At our core. And being you is the best fun ever. 

In a world where people are judged on image, socials, and imaginary thoughts. Just being you is rare. 

Running is just running. There’s nothing to wonder about it. 

It is what it is. 

That’s rare these days. 

It also makes you feel great. Not once. Not twice. But thrice. 


The night before any run I am always so excited. To be heading out. To go play. How cool is that? Going out to play. As a grown up. 


The feeling when running. Moving. Sweating. Adrenalining. Smiling. Endorphins. Nature. The music in the ears. The feet in the trail. The distance you covered. 


That glow. You know it. How to say it. Energised. Buzzed. Feeling good for yourself. Strava kudos. Extra helping of cake. 

And it stays with you all day. Because you are a runner. It’s a cool club. 

Lots of us are in it now. 

But the quirky side club. Ultra. Trail. We are the surfers and skateboarders of running. 

We are the cool kids. 

But that doesn’t mean we love running any more than the couch to 5k crowd. 

Indeed maybe they are the lucky ones. They just found it!! They have so much to discover. How cool is that?

But the truth is that running is the gift that never stops. No matter what stage you are at. 

It feels just as good every day. It never wears out. Indeed it gets better. Forever. 

Running. The best gift you ever got. 

Never forget that. Every step. Every run. 

Just running. 

Because it is beautiful. For you. For the body. For the soul. 

Get out there.


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