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Drop #14: 100%


Have you?


Given 100%?

Like all of it?

What is all of it?

When you are tired? Exhausted. Delirious. Unconscious?

I am fascinated.

Why do people stop?

It is almost always a choice.

A choice too early in my opinion.

People stop at 80% because it ‘hurts’.

Yes. It is supposed to hurt.

If you want comfort, watch Netflix.

The growth is in the joy of the pain. 

 The pain is joy. 

When people say during, or after, a race;

“I don’t know why I do this”

I want to rip my hair out!

I scream!

‘The don’t f-cking do it’

Don’t complain.

You have no idea how lucky you are.

This suffering is amazing.

You should be smiling and pushing on.

Not complaining and pulling back.

Finish line. Pah. Pointless.

That’s the worst part.

Unless you found 100%

Which you didn’t.

Because you are listening to this.

I have never given 100%.

I have tried. 

I will always try.

Take a moment.


Last time you stopped.

Why? Really? Were you actually done?

Or just told yourself to stop.

Because it’s not about your body.

That’s just a meat suit.

It’s about your soul.

Live forever if your soul never dies.

So don’t let it die in front of Netflix cake and excuses.

Build it out there.

In nature.

On the run.







You know it makes sense.

Don’t be the 60% dude. 

See you out there.


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