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Drop #13: Goats

In Nepal. Walking to Mustang.

The highest kingdom on the map. Trail on the mountain side.

Very slippery. Sheer drop of a long way. Path wide enough for a human to go on.

A herd of goats came the other way. No room to pass.

What to do. It was super exposed.

I freeze. Goats run at me. Then like flash they seem to transcend gravity.

They skip on the almost sheer mountain side.  Off the path.

One starts to slide down the mountain. But he gabs on to nothing. With hoofs?

And like that they were gone.

Time stood still. I thought they would fall. Heart racing. I go on. Then my foot slips. I almost tumble. I am not a goat. I can’t make time stand still.

We talk about Goats. Killian. Court. Scott. Ann Treason (11 Western States).

What do they have?

Not hoofs? But an ability. To make it look. Easy. Natural. Effortless. Even when they use effort.

It seems almost magical. Mystical. How? 

It’s not physical. It’s the inner soul they have.

And it’s because just like the real

Goats it’s their natural place.

They have spent so much of their life there.

Where their spirit feels the most alive

That they seem transcendent.

And we should all learn from them.

But we can all be goats.


By being like a goat.

More time out there

Just being.

No watch.

No training.

No Strava.

Just be a goat.

On the mountain trail.

Falling. Not falling.

Feeling. Without hooves and our minds.

Until time stands still.

We are as one.

Unconscious competence.

That’s what we are all after.

No thinking.

Just doing.

If you want to be a goat.

Then be like a goat.

Live on the trail.

And you too can be the greatest of all time.

For yourself.

See you out there.


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