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Drop #1: The Way Of The Why.

You know when people say ‘Never again”. Or “ I don’t know why I do this” during a race.

They do know. We all know. You know. Right?

We don’t have to do it. No one makes us.

So why do we do it?


• we are lucky enough to have the resources and time to willingly suffer

• nature is us, and endurance in nature makes us more us

• It is an art form. And not just on Strava.

• suffering is soul enhancing.

• It makes us superhuman.

• It is beautiful.

I heard someone call endurance sports only for people who were W.E.I.R.D.

He didn’t mean what you think. He meant this;

Western Educated Industrial Rich Democracies.

Only people who are extremely fortunate in life have the luxury to be able to partake in what is essentially a survival activity. Turned into a game. It’s what the Court always says. This is a game. Let’s play.

And the game is spreading. Economically more and more people have the economic freedom to enable them to indulge in willing suffering via endurance. And that is a good thing.

When life gets too comfortable we don’t grow. We are in a time when so many more people want to experience this lifestyle. There has never been a time like this. Well maybe that’s not true. The biggest spectator sport in 1880 in New York was Pedestrianism. At Madison Square Gardens athletes would take part in 6 days races. 6 days of non stop walking loops of the famous sports arena. Crowds of 20,000 people would watch and gamble on the outcome. The athletes were superstars. And then it died. Only to come back again now. Courtney. Killian. Sorokin. Modern day pedestrians scaling the heights so we can all dream. And suffer. And indulge; in this life giving activity.

Long may this current wave continue. Because as a planet we all get better when we all experience this great joy.

So when asked why. Say ‘because I am lucky’. Because you really are. To be able to do this, at this time right now.

See you out there

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