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E23: Kris Van De Velde (Asia Trail Master), Asian Trail Trends, China Spotlight

Kris Van de Velde is the founder of Asia Trail Master, the number one event series of trail running in Asia. Now coming to its 10th edition, Kris and Asia Trail Master have been instrumental in building up the community in Asia. He joins us on the show to share insights of the last 10 years, how runner’s interests and races are changing and which countries are still growing. Also, he is an expert of the Chinese running and cycling community. He provides a great spotlight on the Chinese market, from runners, races to brands. This is a must listen for anyone looking for an overview of the Asian trail running landscape.

E22: Comrades Marathon, Kilian’s Input on Ageing, Ned’s & Markus’ Life Lessons

A very personal episode where Ned and Markus share their lessons that they acquired through running and how they applied them to their business ventures over the years. Valuable insights in how to connect two different worlds into one and keep learning throughout life. Fantastic points to keep getting better in everything you do and never stopping to achieve your goals.

E21: Tioman Ultra, UK & VN Backyards, Spring Energy Update, Brand Squiz

A highly energetic episode covering the latest news in the ultra and trail community. Hau Ha winning Tioman Ultra in an extraordinary effort, Suffolk Backyard is still happening and the Vietnam Backyard took place over the weekend. Discussing the latest news of the Spring Energy Gel scandal, how it is changing the view in the community of influencer promoted supplements, the role of the US FDA in requiring tests and Spring’s response so far. Digging more into how purchases are driven by influencers, what channels work these days and which ones are not.

In the second part, Markus and Ned are having fun rattling through fun facts of founding stories of famous outdoor brands. Learn some facts you might not have known about your favourite brands.

E20: Ewegene Tan (Ironman acquires MMTF), Zegema & Kilian, Natalie Dau

Special guest Ewegene Tan is returning back to the show to share the exciting news of Ironman Asia / UTMB Group acquiring his race ‘Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival’. He digs into the last 2.5 years of due diligence, into what it means for the Malaysian community and what is/is not going to change for his upcoming race, now called Malaysia Ultra Trail by UTMB. Great insights in how this industry is changing fast and acquisitions are happening.

E19: Guim Valls (MUDE Sports Running Team, Hau Ha), Spring Energy, TrailCon

Special guest Guim joins us to share more about the founding of MUDE Sports, scaling it from Vietnam to the world, MUDE’s philosophy to be eco-friendly and not fast fashion, MUDE’s running team, his story of discovering Vietnam’s top talent Hau Ha, plans for Hau in 2024/25 and where he thinks the sport is going. In the news section we cover Spring Energy’s Gel nutrition issue and TrailCon. Wrapped up by Ned’s drop of wisdom and inspiration.

E18: JP Alipio (OG Philippines Trail Running, Cordillera Mountain Ultra), Sufiya Sufi World Record, Transvulcania, Cocodona 250

Special guest JP Alipio is the founder of Cordillera Mountain Race and Cordillera Ultra Challenge in the Philippines, an ultra runner himself and one of the key people in the Philippines’ trail and ultra ecosystem.

He is shedding light on how the trail community came about, the founding of his races and the Philippines National Trail Running Team and which PH runners to follow. In the news section the world record attempt of Sufiya Sufi, race results of Transvulcania and Cocodona 250, and incredible Chinese marathon numbers are covered. Wrapped up Ned’s Drop.

E17: Ned’s 100M+5K run, Amazean by UTMB, Dead Cow Gully, Lazcon, Cocodona 250

Markus’ and Ned’s passion for track Tuesdays, Ned’s insights from his 100M+5K run, going through the results of the Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB race (Hau Ha, Vanja, Sange Sherpa, Nhon Do), Sam Harvey winning the Dead Cow Gully but missing the world record, Lazcon update, Cocodona 250 live race update and Hoka replacing Dacia as the main sponsor for UTMB World Series. Wrapped up by Ned’s Drop.

E16: Mt Fuji 100, Canyon by UTMB, GTWS, WALMSLEY Review, Hoka Financial Dig

Lots of news to cover this week. Courtney crushing it at Mt Fuji 100, Golden Trail World Series moving to China, Katie Schide winning Canyon Endurance by UTMB and a harsh review of the WALMSLEY ‘documentary’ (aka Hoka & Wahoo advertisement). Followed by a quick financial analysis of the Hoka sales and covering the insane application number for the London Marathon.

E15: Jeri Chua (The Singapore Ultra Athlete, Singapore Community, Asia Trends, New Ultra Fashion Styles), London Marathon

Meet Jeri Chua, Singapore’s first female that qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona and one of the most accomplished ultra athletes from Singapore. She is the owner of the Red Dot Running Company and a key figure in the Singapore trail/ultra community.
Jeri shares her insights on:
– why Singapore’s community is special
– how demographics are changing
– which athletes to follow
– the latest fashion in ultra running
– how Asian races are adapting with more money coming in

In the news section, we cover the London Marathon, Marathon des Sables and the pitch of One Hundred events at BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Wrapped up with Ned’s drop that makes Markus emotional.

E14: Sam Harvey (Backyard World Record Assist), New Zealand Snapshot, Boston Marathon

Sam Harvey, one of the world’s best ultra and backyard athletes, joins us this week to share his story. No more sales job, a full time athlete now who has made it to the highest level of ultra running in the last 4 years. Sam talks about his Tarawera races, his Dead Cow Gully backyard success (677 km, 101 loops), the World Backyard Championships, BIG’s backyard, and what to come this year. Also, how he deals with social media fame, which race made him turn professional and what he would do with US$1 million. Plus some news on Boston Marathon, The North Face 100 China and of course Ned’s Drop.