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E1: Kick Off, 2024 Predictions, UTMB, Changing Trail Landscape, Race Recap

Markus and Ned’s predictions for the 2024 trail running world. Sharing views on the changing trail running world order (UTMB, small races). Race recap of Spine Race, HURT Hawaii, 10km Valencia Female World Record. Ned’s Weekly Drop: The Way Of The Why. Join for the first episode of this new podcast series.

Show Info

  • Introduction Ned & Markus
  • Predictions for 2024
    • Best Female Athlete
    • Best Male Athlete
    • Berlin Marathon Winning Time
    • UTMB Winning Nationality
    • Max. number of loops at Backyard
  • Changing Trail World Order
    • UTMB & Ironman
    • Asian races
  • Race Recap Corner
  • Ned’s Weekly Drop

E23: Kris Van De Velde (Asia Trail Master), Asian Trail Trends, China Spotlight

Kris Van de Velde is the founder of Asia Trail Master, the number one event series of trail running …

E22: Comrades Marathon, Kilian’s Input on Ageing, Ned’s & Markus’ Life Lessons

A very personal episode where Ned and Markus share their lessons that they acquired through running …

E21: Tioman Ultra, UK & VN Backyards, Spring Energy Update, Brand Squiz

A highly energetic episode covering the latest news in the ultra and trail community. Hau Ha winning…

E20: Ewegene Tan (Ironman acquires MMTF), Zegema & Kilian, Natalie Dau

Special guest Ewegene Tan is returning back to the show to share the exciting news of Ironman Asia /…

E19: Guim Valls (MUDE Sports Running Team, Hau Ha), Spring Energy, TrailCon

Special guest Guim joins us to share more about the founding of MUDE Sports, scaling it from Vietnam…

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